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Our Story

We’re sisters who like to have fun but are serious about our dogs’ happiness. We want them to live long, love hard and eat well. For us, Korean sweet potato embodies all three. 

We grew up eating roasted Korean sweet potato, or goguma, as a comforting, tasty snack. It reminds us of home and being loved and nourished by our Korean grandmothers.

So when our first family dog, a finicky Maltese named Lucy, joined our pack, we started feeding her goguma because we wanted her to experience the same joy and love we feel by eating nourishing, heart-warming foods. Turned out, she loved it as much as we do. Soon she wouldn’t eat her meals if it didn’t include a spoonful of roasted goguma.

We think pets everywhere should experience the same tasty joy and nourishment Lucy did while devouring her daily goguma. Our Gogoma treats combine the goodness of Korean sweet potato with other delicious, healthy foods we love eating and sharing with our own dogs.  

We hope Gogoma brings your furry loved ones the same joy, nourishment and fun memories as it does for our pack.

With ❤️,

Sandee and Zinah (along with Dottie, Lucy, Brooklyn & Jersey 🐾🐾🐾)

Our values:

🐕‍🦺 Feed them like family – Our pets are family, too. They deserve to enjoy the very best food and treats. 

🥰 Nourishment brings joy – We grew up eating tasty, comforting foods that brought us joy and good health. Why shouldn’t our pets?

🌟 Quality ingredients always – We only use organic and premium ingredients sourced mainly from local California farms and other family-owned businesses

🌎 Planet-conscious – Doing better for Mother Earth doesn’t mean settling for “blah” food and treats for our pets. Gogoma treats are flavorful, plant-driven and packaged in compostable and/or recycled material.