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Our Story

Why Gogoma Bakes?

We’re sisters and rescue dog-lovers who believe treating your dog should be fun and make them feel good! To us, that means feeding them wholesome and healthy ingredients you’d want to eat yourself.

We grew up eating roasted Korean sweet potatoes called goguma, usually as a delicious snack straight out the oven. Goguma is a bona fide superfood, packed with antioxidants, fiber, and all kinds of vitamins and minerals. But make no mistake. We considered these velvety-sweet tubers a rare and tasty treat – they were hard to come by at the time in the small Michigan town we grew up in.

Fast forward several decades (and some globe-trotting for one of us), we both wound up in Los Angeles living the dog-mom life. Since we loved eating the super-healthy sweet potatoes of our youth so much, we wanted to share them with our own four-legged rascals. Turned out, our (not so) little pups loved ’em as much as we did!

We started combining goguma with other tasty and healthy ingredients for dogs. Then we baked them up as mouth-watering treats. Gogoma Bakes was born!

Simple, Tasty Ingredients

Every Gogoma Bakes recipe is inspired by flavors and foods we love. Our adorable rescue mutts decide whether they’re tasty enough to put our name behind.

We use only premium and organic human food-grade ingredients and bake everything in small batches by hand in Los Angeles. We don’t add any preservatives, fillers, dairy or eggs to our bakes. Only whole foods and plenty of love go into Gogoma Bakes.

Love for the Planet, Too!

Our love for nature also traces back to childhood. Memories of camping near the Lake Michigan shore. Or stargazing at Sleeping Bear Dunes. 

So we’re committed to building Gogoma Bakes as a business that cares about the planet as much as it does happy and healthy pups. We’re doing what we can to reduce waste and consume responsibly.

We package our bakes inside 100% compostable bags made with a plant-based plastic liner that is FDA-approved for food storage. We use recycled shipping boxes and water-activated paper tape that are both fully biodegradable and recyclable. When we can, we also re-use and upcycle shipping boxes to give them another life and minimize waste.  

Please reuse, compost, and recycle everything you can! And thanks for supporting Gogoma Bakes!