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Thanksgiving Foods You Can Share With Your Pup

It's our favorite time of year! Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones, share memories, and feast on your favorite holiday foods. Like many dog-owners, we're always looking for ways to include our furry loved ones in on the festivities. 

Dog at Thanksgiving dinner table


Keep in mind that certain holiday foods are off-limits to your pup. Anything highly seasoned or with added salt, sugar, butter, and cream are best left to human enjoyment only. Below is a list of other common holiday foods not safe for pets.

There are plenty of other delicious foods to share with your furry loved ones. Here are few:

Thanksgiving turkey.

The crown jewel of any Thanksgiving feast can be enjoyed by your dog, too! Just make sure the meat is skinless, boneless, and cooked through. 

Meat soaked in gravy, butter, and seasonings can cause trouble for your pup's tummy and digestion, so best to keep those parts of the bird for yourself. Cooked poultry bones are also a no-no for your pup. The bones could crack and splinter and cause choking or internal damage.


One of our favorite seasonal ingredients is great for your pup's tummy health. Pumpkin is a tasty source of fiber and immune-boosting vitamins A & C, iron, and potassium. Feed only pure pumpkin - not pumpkin-pie filling - to your dog.
Steamed, roasted, mashed or pureed are great ways to share pumpkin with your pup. Raw pumpkin can be hard to digest. 


These tart and tangy fruits are a-ok to share with your pup. Just make sure they aren't loaded with sugar or alcohol. This means avoiding the cranberry sauce. Instead, opt for sprinking a few dried cranberries to your pup's Thanksgiving meal.


Foods to keep away from your pup:


A list of Thanksgiving foods to avoid feeding your dog by Gogoma Bakes, the Original Korean Sweet Potato Dog Treat


If you're welcoming guests to Thanksgiving dinner, it's a good idea to let them know to refrain from sharing table food with your pup. Setting aside a few dog-safe treats for guests to feed your pup is a safe alternative. (Gogoma's limited edition Harvest Hearts treats are a festive, flavorful option!)

 Gogoma Bakes Harvest Hearts Limited Edition Recipe Dog Treat

Make sure to make a quiet, safe space for your dog to retreat to, especially if they're used to peace and quiet.


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