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Chill Treats, Hot Summer: How to Keep Gogoma Oven-Fresh

It’s officially summer! Which means hot, sticky weather – great for pool parties and beach BBQs, but not-so-great for keeping fresh, healthy foods tasting their best.

To maintain freshness of your pup’s Gogoma Bakes, make sure to keep them cool and dry and out of direct sunlight. We get this can be tricky during steamy summer months. An easy hack is to store Gogoma Bakes in the freezer instead of the pantry. Added benefit: they’ll stay oven-baked fresh for 3 to 4 months.

Just pluck a few treats from the freezer before heading out for a hike or at snack time. Thaw for a few minutes or treat straight outta the freezer.

Now you know how to keep Gogoma Bakes fresh all summer long. Stock up today! And remember Gogoma Fun Packs and Cutie Packs qualify for free shipping within the continental U.S. 

Happy Gogoma Treating!

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