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A few tricks to keep your pup safe this Halloween

We hope you and your pup(s) enjoy the spookiest night of the year! Halloween is a fun night of trick-or-treating and costume parties, but it can be a stressful holiday for some pups out there. Here are a few tips to keep your best furriend happy and healthy:

Keep the treats out of reach. Chocolate, of course, is toxic to both dogs and cats. So are sugar-free candies that contain xylitol. Make sure to toss candy wrappers immediately in the trash so they don’t wind up a choking hazard.

Beware of spooky decorations. Festive Jack-o’-lanterns can easily be knocked over and start a fire. Décor like fake cobwebs and spiders, string lighting, and fall-themed displays using pumpkin and corn can be tempting for your dog to nibble on.

Make sure your dog is wearing ID, even if you’re staying at home. If they dart out the door while you’re greeting trick-or-treaters, a proper collar can be a lifesaver for a lost dog. Better yet, consider keeping your dog in a separate room with their favorite treats and toys. Constant door-knocking by a parade of strangers in costume can be stressful for otherwise social dogs.

 Dress up your dog with caution. If you decide to dress up your dog, make sure the costume fits their personality and, most importantly, they don’t mind wearing it! Masks and hats are super-cute for a brief photo op, but they might make your dog uncomfortable or pose a hazard. Signs your dog might be feeling discomfort are folded down ears, eyes rolled up or sideways, or a tucked tail. Make sure the costume doesn’t have any loose parts that could be chewed off and that your dog can move freely.

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